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The Spoonie Guide to Success on Medium

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The Spoonie Guide to Success on Medium

Nathalie 🐙 The Octogig
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Do you love to write? Do you have passions you love to talk about? Do you want to earn money while writing about the topics you're passionate about?

But do you also have low energy levels? Are you neurodivergent, or chronically ill? A spoonie?

You probably do, if you're on this page.

Are you wary of starting a passive income stream on Medium? You might fear that you do not have the number of spoons necessary to invest in writing on Medium. You're afraid that all your efforts will be in vain.

After all, you need 100 followers to get into the Medium Partner Program, and you know it.

In the past, you've struggled with perfectionism and consistency. You did not get the visibility you deserve, even though you worked very hard. You fear for your well-being, for your mental health.

There is another way.

A way to work at this new passive income stream in a fun, non-ableist way, where self-care and the right mindset are at the center of your thoughts. A way to break down the tasks to know exactly what to do and how much. A way to scale (or descale) what needs to be done according to your energy levels.

In one month, you could have earned your first dollar.

Maybe even before that, depending on your energy levels. If you're in a good spot, energy-wise, you could achieve even more—but as a spoonie you can start building great and fun habits.

Your way is the way

In this guide, like in everything I advise, I think the important thing is to:

  • work at your pace
  • work with your strengths
  • work within the limitations of your health and mental health
  • work in a way that benefits you
  • work in a way that works for you

I recommend, as a start, to work an hour per day or less on your new passive income stream. That includes writing time and simple strategic tasks to build your following.

What this guide is not:

This is not a get-rich-quick guide—using writing as a tool to earn passive income is a long game strategy and we're doing it the spoonie way. You will decide what you create and how much time you invest in your passive income project.

How much can you make?

Well, of course, it depends a lot on how many articles you have and how often they are read.

I'm not a fan of working harder, nor of working smarter.

I am not smart.

I am lazy.

I like to work truer.

Truer to who I am, to my passions, to my strengths and challenges.

I won't promise you hundreds of dollars of in royalties (although, it could happen, if you had a trending article).

But if you apply the method in this guide, you will get a good start on your Medium income stream.

And you will soon be able to earn your first dollar with your writing.

With this guide, you will have a great basis to grow your Medium account. You will be able to play the long game, write new articles as you go along, and grow your readership.

Followers and number of articles are what help earnings.

Interaction is what increases visibility (and thus earnings).

It's time to get started!

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Nathalie.
I’m the mom of two autistic teens, and autistic myself.
I also have a painful chronic illness.

Of course, I can’t go to work due to those circumstances. I need to be home with my sons, who can’t be left alone. I also have very few spoons, and even though my pain threshold is high, sometimes I just have to stay in bed due to chronic pain. And also, I’ve been out of the workforce for almost two decades, so getting hired at my age is an improbability.

Working from home is also a struggle. My schedule is chaotic, I have random admin tasks to do about my kids, I need to organize therapies, school, and homeschooling, and I never know if I am going to be able to go about my day pain-free.

So I decided that a way I could go about earning money was to go the passive income way. I also have a love from writing—when I was a young girl, I wanted to be Stephen King. I also love to write non-fiction about my multiple passions.

But most of the advice you get about being an online entrepreneur is very ableist—it’s aimed at neurotypical people who are able-bodied, and who have no mental illness. Thus, they have normal energy levels, and I don't.

I am slowly working my way into passive income while respecting myself and my challenges, and using my neurodivergent strengths (creativity, hyperfixation, sideways thinking).

I decided to share my journey, to help any other spoonies who might want support and advice to start their own passive income journey on Medium.

My results

During my first month on Medium, before I really had an understanding on what works and before I developed my strategies, I gained 525 followers, and earned a total of $8.60 for the last few days of the month.

I wrote a total of 31 articles during that month. But I didn't write every day.

In this guide, I am showing you how to start your Medium journey with an initial investment of $5 for the Medium subscription (affiliate link). You will be able to earn enough royalties and pay for it pretty quickly.

I already made enough to pay for my Medium membership and fuel my addiction to sushi (or get extra nice Christmas presents for my family).

And you can too.

What you do with your Medium account after you are set up, and what you will achieve, will depend on the amount of work and time you can put into this. You still have to write articles—but that's the fun part, isn't it?

To achieve these earnings, I have worked less than an hour per day.

If you're ready to play the long game, you will be on the right path to success.


In summary...

With my guide, you can stroll through the tasks you need to do. We'll automatize or get rid of all the energy-draining parts of the business and can focus on doing things that are creative and fun (and thus, that take fewer spoons).

You will be able to slowly start building your Medium account and quickly pay for your membership.

Less effort, more fun.

⚠️ Due to the fact that this is digital content delivered immediately, this product is not refundable.

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A great way to start your Medium journey as a spoonie.

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