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The Neurodivergent Guide to Passive Income

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Set your neurodivergent self up for success with passive income while you automatize your business and creation process in two weeks

Ideal for neurodivergents, multipotentialites, or chronically ill people who want to start a passive income business in a way that utilizes their strengths and respects their challenges

Feeling out of spoons?

Unable to work consistently because energy levels are too low, or your chronic pain is flaring up?

The business world is an ableist place. Everyone says you have to do more and more, need to work your ass off, and can't be successful unless you give it your all... and it seems such a mountain to climb, such an impossible challenge.

You fear for your well-being, for your mental health. You probably have tried it in the past and were disappointed by the low results for all your efforts.

There is another way.

With this guide, you will learn how to use very simple designs to easily create products on the major print-on-demand platforms.

I will be teaching you an efficient way to automatize all the boring, energy-draining, time-consuming tasks, and get rid of them once and for all!

You will be able to concentrate on the fun part—the creative part—and invest your time in enjoyable tasks that put your amazing, neurodiverse imagination to use.

Is there a road to success with passive income?

Well, the real reason passive income business owners fail is... they give up.

It's too hard. Or it's too time-consuming for little or no reward.

And I'm not blaming them—it's hard to go on working on boring/hard stuff all the time. The creative part is drowned by uploading the designs and the management tasks.

And then, as a spoonie? As someone with chronic pain? We have even less time and energy than those other guys. It's harder for us to maintain that level of activity needed to get some success.

Well, there is a path you can take to have a go at passive income in an easy, comfortable way.

In two weeks, you could be started.

But of course, the guide can be followed at your own pace if you feel that two weeks is too short.

YOU decide.

In this guide, like in everything I advise, I think the important thing is to:

  • work at your pace
  • work with your strengths
  • work within the limitations of your health and mental health
  • work in a way that benefits you
  • work in a way that works for you

With as much as one hour each day for two weeks, you could have everything set up for passive income success.

Any other work you'll do will be creating new designs, according to your energy levels and capacity to work.

What do you get with that guide?

  • You will get a detailed way to work at your passive income business even if you have very few spoons or are often unable to work because of chronic pain
  • You will gain a quick start guide to use when you have good energy levels, in order to never have to worry about boring tasks in your passive income business again
  • As a bonus, I will give you evergreen design ideas to start building your portfolio

What can you achieve with this guide?

If you're putting in the work, I can promise that you will:

  • have every boring part setup so you don't have to deal with it
  • have a starting portfolio (of 12-30 designs)
  • work approximatively one hour per day for two weeks
  • have your venues set up and ready to sell your products
  • deal with no inventory, no shipping management, and no costs other than the automation tool

What this guide is not:

This is not a get-rich-quick guide—passive income is a long game strategy and we're doing it the neurospicy, chronically ill & multipotentialite way.

It's also not a list of actions to take, besides the setting up guide. I will give you some evergreen niches to start your portfolio with, but you will decide what you create and how much.

How much can you make?

Well, of course, it depends a lot on how many designs you have and how they do.

I'm not a fan of working harder, nor of working smarter.

I am not smart.

I am lazy.

I like to work truer.

Truer to who I am, to my passions, to my strengths and challenges.

I won't promise you thousands of dollars of sales (although, it could happen, if you had a winning design that trends).

But if you apply the method in this guide, you will get a good start on passive income streams.

And you will soon be able to pay for your tools each month, which is your first goal as a passive income business owner.

With this guide, you will have a great basis to grow your passive income business. You will be able to play the long game and amass new designs easily as you go along.

Time and number of designs are what help visibility (and thus sales).

The more designs you have, the more products you have.

The more products (and venues) you have, the more "buy buttons" you have.

And "buy buttons" are everything—the more you have, the more chance there is someone will press one of them.

It's time to get started!

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Nathalie.
I’m the mom of two autistic teens, and autistic myself.
I also have a painful chronic illness.

Of course, I can’t go to work due to those circumstances. I need to be home with my sons, who can’t be left alone. I also have very few spoons, and even though my pain threshold is high, sometimes I just have to stay in bed due to chronic pain. And also, I’ve been out of the workforce for almost two decades, so getting hired at my age is an improbability.

Working from home is also a struggle. My schedule is chaotic, I have random admin tasks to do about my kids, I need to organize therapies, school, and homeschooling, and I never know if I am going to be able to go about my day pain-free.

So I decided that a way I could go about earning money was to go the passive income way. But most of the advice you get about being an online entrepreneur is very ableist—it’s aimed at neurotypical people who are able-bodied, and who have no mental illness.

I am slowly working my way into passive income while respecting myself and my challenges, and using my neurodivergent strengths (creativity, hyperfixation, sideways thinking).

I decided to share my journey, to help any other neurodivergent people who might want support and advice to start their own passive income journey.

My results

You can see them here: (I am very upfront with my royalties).

As a beginner, I was not confident when I saw someone saying that they made hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Not that they were liars, but I was doubtful that I could achieve those levels of success with my small amount of spoons and frail mental health.

I was afraid to have a go at it, thinking that I would waste the money invested in the passive income tools I could use to simplify and automatize my business.

In this guide, I am showing you how to start with the bare minimum of tools, so that you will be able to earn enough royalties and pay for them in the least amount of time (for me, it took one month, and then almost every month after that I earned enough to pay for them, and then some).

I make enough to pay for my tools and fuel my addiction to sushi (or get extra nice Christmas presents for my family).

And you can too.

What you do with this after you are set up, and what you will achieve, will depend on the amount of work and time you can put into this.

To achieve these earnings, after I set up everything, I have worked less than a hundred hours in three years.
That's what, maybe an hour or two each week?

If you're ready to play the long game, you will be on the right path to success.

In summary...

With my guide, you automatize once and for all the energy-draining part of the business and can focus on doing things that are creative and fun (and thus, that take fewer spoons).

You will be able to slowly start building your passive income stream and quickly pay for your tools.

You will be able to scale things up: instead of spending hours dealing with one design, you will let the automation do its thing.

Less effort, more fun.

⚠️ Due to the fact that this is digital content delivered immediately, this product is not refundable.

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A great way to start earning passive income as a neurodivergent, multipotentialite and/or chronically ill person.

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The Neurodivergent Guide to Passive Income

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