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The Savvy Writer's Guide to Visibility on Medium

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The Savvy Writer's Guide to Visibility on Medium

Nathalie 🐙 The Octogig
4 ratings

You're a writer on Medium, and you want to maximize your chances to be visible? You're in the right place!

Are you just starting on Medium?

Are you struggling to be visible and retain your audience?

Are you looking for tips to boost the visibility of your Medium writing portfolio and account?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, The Savvy Writer's Guide to Visibility on Medium is meant for YOU!

This guide contains 40 actions to take to elevate your writing portfolio to attract more readers and retain them. All of those actions are quick fixes and you can add them to your writing routine easily.

Get ahead with a simple plan of action

With The Savvy Writer's Guide to Visibility on Medium you will be able to take your visibility on the Medium platform one step further by implementing tried and true strategies and good practices I learned from my extensive experience with blogging.

Sure, writing more is always a great option to attract new readers, but there are lots of little-known fine-tuning actions (that authors might not have tried yet) that can wield a lot of results as well.

Most authors don't look further than the publish button. By implementing the advice and taking action, you're already one step ahead.

Stack all the odds in your favor!

Take your Medium account to the next level with the very simple, clear, achievable tips and actions listed in this guide. You'll know exactly what to do, and how to do it.

A perfect companion to The Spoonie Guide to Success on Medium

The Spoonie Guide to Success on Medium is meant to help you get into the Medium Partner Program quickly by attracting 100 followers, but it is much more than that—it talks about mindset, being an author when you're chronically ill or neurodivergent and you have low energy and not a lot of time.

The Savvy Writer's Guide to Visibility on Medium works perfectly as a standalone but is a great companion to my other guide. It is even more focused on visibility and retaining readers. All of the actions listed in the guide are meant for any author who wants to be even more visible.

Who am I?

My name is Nathalie, and I have been writing on the internet way before blogging was a thing. I have created a few successful communities in the past—about writing, or about being a parent to autistic children.

I have one of the fastest growing audiences on Medium (1.8K in less than four months).

I am a great example of how much you can achieve even while working very little (I am neurodivergent and have a painful chronic illness, and thus have to make sure I spend a lot of time on self-care and rest).

You too can grow your Medium audience and start earning money online by writing on Medium!

Let's go! 💪

With this guide, you will also be invited to a private Discord server where I will be able to answer more questions about Medium (and passive income in general).

See you there, little bean! ✨

⚠️ Due to the fact that this is digital content delivered immediately, this product is not refundable.

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40 simple actions to fine-tune your writing portfolio on Medium and be more visible

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