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The Obsessive Writer's Tracker for Earnings & Growth on Medium (Printables)

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The Obsessive Writer's Tracker for Earnings & Growth on Medium (Printables)

Nathalie 🐙 The Octogig
2 ratings

Track your earnings and growth on Medium easily with these printable files

Ever since I started posting my earnings on Medium, my readers have been telling me how much they love the clarity and transparency of it all! See, I'm an obsessive tracker, and I love to make sure I track my earnings daily (so that I can eventually find out when I'm growing, and the probable reason why).

A few of my little beans ✨ have even told me that they've started tracking their earnings too.

"You can't improve what you don't measure"

This famous quote hits right in the feels, doesn't it?

I want to be successful—even if it's on my own terms, by prioritizing happiness, passion, self-care, and rest. And to be successful, I need to know what works and what doesn't. Earnings are a clear indicator: if your earnings grow, you're doing something right.

When I notice that there are days with higher earnings, I can deduce which articles are bringing more views, and thus, I can decide if I want to do more of that. Did I post more? Did I write about a specific topic? Did I share my articles somewhere new?

Keep your tracker in sight to remember to track your earnings every day

Out of sight, out of mind!

Medium doesn't track daily earnings, they just do a monthly lump sum, and good luck if you miss a day—you're on your own!

By keeping your tracker where you write, you will be able to remember to track your earnings every day. This is particularly effective for neurodivergent people like me, who completely forget things exist—and tasks that have to be done—if they're not right in front of them (drawers are the bane of my existence).

Totally customizable to your needs

Don't want notes pages? Don't print them.

Do you have more than one Medium account? Just print more.

Don't want to track the list of articles you wrote? You don't have to.

A sneak peek into the tracker interior

You will have:

  • a daily earnings tracker page
  • a daily views tracker page
  • a daily articles tracker page, where you can see at a glance how much you've written this month

No need to see that pesky 31st day on 30-day months! I have created specific files for you to print. You can choose between 31 days, 30 days, 28 days, and even 29 days for bissextile years.

And then, you have recaps for the end of the month (and of the year), plus notes pages.

All of those are printable in A4 format. The gray colors are meant to be easily distinguishable and are meant to spare the ink of your printer as well. The grays are light enough to be written on.

Need something more?

Let me know at and I will see if I can create the Medium earnings and growth tracker you are missing. I will make it available here for anyone who purchased this product.

⚠️ Due to the fact that this is digital content delivered immediately, this product is not refundable.

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A set of printables to track your earnings and your growth (articles written, views, followers, referred members)

Daily earnings and views tracker (by month)
Monthly Recap
List of articles written
Yearly Recap
Notes page


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