The Busy Content Creator's Visibility Strategy

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The Busy Content Creator's Visibility Strategy

Nathalie 🐙 The Octogig
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An easy way for busy content creators to keep their visibility online with little effort by using content repurposing and social media automation

Content creators are BUSY

Creating content is a full-time job—one we are having a hard time finding time for! The Pareto Principle says that 80% of our results come from 20% of the activities we do.

I’d say that creating content is a very big part of what gives us results.

But of course, we can’t create in a vacuum... and we need to find customers and clients as well as create content—because how will we earn money if no one knows we exist?

Staying visible is a struggle

Building an audience is a long game. Rare are the people who go from zero to well-known overnight (and overnight successes are usually many years in the making).

Creating new content is a great way to attract new followers and customers... but the time we’re spending on social media is time we’re not spending on creating more content! It’s a vicious circle.

If we spend too much time on creating, and none on being visible on social media, we’re failing. If we spend too much time on social media, and not enough creating, we’re failing too.

Content creators are usually individuals—we don’t have the possibility of delegating social media to colleagues while we create. We have to be a one-person operation.

So, what are we to do?

The Busy Content Creator's Visibility Strategy is a step-by-step easy plan to use your existing content to stay visible online while you're working on creating new content

With this guide, you will learn how to use your existing portfolio to repurpose your existing content and automate your visibility—resulting in you staying present in the minds of your community while freeing up time and mental space for you to focus on creating.

If you want to find time to create more, while being visible, this is the guide you were hoping for!

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